If Only They Had A Gun

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Gay Waiter Stabbed in Apparent Hate Crime

The stabbing of a gay waiter inside a Santa Monica, California Denny’s restaurant was a hate crime, according to police. According to news reports, employees of the Denny’s were sitting at a table before the restaurant opened when a man knocked on the restaurant’s window and asked to use the bathroom. When the man was allowed inside, he approached the table, and then asked a waiter if he was gay, police say. When the waiter replied that he was gay, the man allegedly stabbed the waiter in the neck with a knife. A suspect, reportedly identified as 24 year old Curtis Martin, is said to have been taken into custody for investigation of attempted murder and committing a hate crime. More information here.

Things might have turned out differently if only they had a gun.

September 17th, 2010 at 4:20 pm