If Only They Had A Gun

Cases where a having a gun could have made all the difference

Toledo Police Issue Warrant for Serial Rape and Robbery Suspect

Toledo police have issued a warrant for the suspect accused of targeting women in five robberies, including one that escalated to rape. In at least two of the crimes committed in the last 10 days, the suspect hid in the backseat of the female victim’s unlocked car and ordered her at gunpoint to drive to an ATM and turn over cash, police said. More information here.

In the above situation, and countless others, innocent people have been harmed by the action of a criminal. Had there been an armed, law abiding citizen in the area, tragedy may very well have been averted. Americans use guns for self defense every 13 seconds, and that is perhaps the best reason to have a gun. These people are certainly glad they had a gun for self defense.

March 12th, 2010 at 8:54 am