If Only They Had A Gun

Cases where a having a gun could have made all the difference

Knoxville, TN Principal and Assistant Prinipal Shot

The principal and assistant principal of Inskip Elementary School here were shot on Tuesday.  Elise Luna and Amy Brace were both shot in the office area just before 1 p.m., police said. Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen IV didn’t provide specifics but said one victim was headed into surgery, and the other had already been treated. The man taken into custody has been confirmed by police as an employee at the school. Police said that means he was authorized to be in the building, but did not elaborate on what role he had in the school. More information here.

In the above situation, and countless others, innocent people have been harmed by the action of a criminal. Had there been an armed, law abiding citizen in the area, tragedy may very well have been averted. Americans use guns for self defense every 13 seconds, and that is perhaps the best reason to have a gun. These people are certainly glad they had a gun for self defense.

February 10th, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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