If Only They Had A Gun

Cases where a having a gun could have made all the difference

Elderly Woman Dies of Heart Attack After Home Invasion

The death of a 90-year-old Lancaster County woman who had a heart attack two days after being robbed at gunpoint in her home has reportedly been ruled a homicide, according to police and the county coroner. Anna M. Sensenig’s heart attack was “directly” caused by the home invasion, officials reportedly stated on Thursday. However, no charges will be filed against the accused robber, Travis Meints of Terre Hill. More information here.

In the above situation, and countless others, innocent people have been harmed by the action of a criminal. Had there been an armed, law abiding citizen in the area, tragedy may very well have been averted. Americans use guns for self defense every 13 seconds, and that is perhaps the best reason to have a gun. These people are certainly glad they had a gun for self defense.

September 20th, 2008 at 5:56 pm